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Nina, M.S. EE,
IEEE Member
We are two Carnegie Mellon ECE grads with decades of diverse consulting experience in configuration, ordering, and manufacturing systems.
We write highly-reusable, high-quality software which will accelerate you (and your customers) in engineering, marketing, sales, and manufacturing.
Forrest, B.S. ECE,
IEEE Senior Member
Our Branded Products and Services
(available to clients only)
  Additional Core Competencies
  • Soft-X-Form™ - powerful source code analysis, transformation, and refactoring. Accelerate reuse and jump across application languages and platforms.

  • Crypt4™ data security - end-to-end data security for networked application data in WWW and desktop applications. PBKDF1, SHA-1, and ARC4 protect data in transit and at rest.

  • librock™ appSync - digitally secured bi-directional transport for desktop application data and updates.

  • softConcourse™ - manage object-oriented software development and publishing at the scale of big data.

  • productAccelerator™ - multi-lingual software for configure, price, quote, and order fulfilment. Desktop and web. Rules and table-based.

  • CQ-ReST™ - Enjoy a more intuitive and smarter work process.
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  • desktop and online product catalogs and databases (MySQL,SQL,etc)
  • Internationalization, Translations, Languages, Locales.
  • WWW, including high-traffic (Gbyte/s) server design
  • software process assessment, development, and improvement
  • maintenance of legacy and open source software
Publicly available software (under FLOSS-licenses)
  • librockFillAndSign - Fill a CURL config file template with AWS signature version 4. Cross-platform CLI utility and library in C. [at github]
  • librock.dataBarge.js - efficient carrier of name-value pairs and tuples for general-purpose entity data modeling.
  • librock.dataShelf.js - NoSQL data tables with simple queries. Better than JSON for table data.
  • librock.xml2JSON - Sane transformation of XML containers and attributes into JSON
  • More...
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