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Engineering workflow process design and applications

  • Complex product line deployment to JDE World and E1 configurators
  • Central SQL change request system for SMT satellite manufacturing plants
  • Production-Line data collection and statistics processing from XML
  • PCB CAD validation against manufacturing BOM

Sales order application with centralized order processing

  • Desktop application for electronic orders
  • System integration and pricing
  • Mobile workflow management for commercial dealers and sales reps.
  • Pricing and Product availability by Region, Sales Channel, Account
  • International Currency, Languages, and Locales
  • Easily locate Non-configured products in a 10,000+ item catalog
  • Secure Automated quotation and Ordering from a central server
  • Local storage with Automatic data collection to centralized SQL server
  • Compute Markup and Labor Hours for end-customer presentations

Application-Specific Compilers, VM Interpreters, Databases

  • Parser, Syntax Validation, Code Generator
  • Production Database table refactoring/Translation

Configured Product Wizard with Cross-line validation

  • Complex build-to-order and build-to-stock configured products (15+ families, 100+ model numbers, 12+ feature options each.)
  • Configuration wizard with design for success and suggested alternatives
  • Cross-line consistency checks and reminders
  • Multi-line edit
  • Feature enable and disable from a centralized server
  • Leadtime computation
  • PDF Documentation Server Request
  • Optimized electrical circuit allocation to modules based on type and wattage.

Systems Analysis with Process and Software Specification

  • “Pipelined” CMM level-4 engineering process design encompassing marketing, sales, engineering, and I.T. activities, reducing Time-To-Release by 75%.
  • Sales Rep integration to quotation and ordering process
  • Desktop, Mobile, Cloud, use-cases, requirements, design, and test plans
  • Configuration Management for Regional, Sales Channel, and Accounts
  • International Pricing and product availability
  • Sales and Promotional campaigns

Secure data distribution and backup

  • Digitally-secure automatic software transfer
  • Update and archive process based on deltas
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Multi-point, central server, and cloud-based

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