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We develop reliable and effective solutions that cover a wide range of interesting technologies.
Software is written in: C/C++, C#, .NET, PHP, PERL, java, javascript, and others
and deployed on: Windows, BSD, Unix, Internet, IIS, Cloud, Apache, and some embedded systems.

Branded services
(available to clients only)
  Additional Core Competencies
  • Soft-X-Form™ - powerful source code analysis, transformation, and refactoring. Accelerate reuse and jump across application languages and platforms.

  • Crypt4™ data security - end-to-end data security for networked application data in WWW and desktop applications. PBKDF1, SHA-1, and ARC4 protect data in transit and at rest.

  • desktop and online product catalogs and databases (MySQL,SQL,etc)
  • rule-based product configurators and compilers (server and desktop)
  • data collection, quote, and order fulfillment software
  • Internationalization, Translations, Languages, Locales.
  • WWW, including high-traffic (Gbyte/s) server design
  • digitally-signed automatic software distribution
  • software process assessment, development, and improvement
  • maintenance of legacy and open source software
Founded 1993    —    Incorporated 2012
Saylorsburg, Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Voice: 570-992-8824 — E-mail
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